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About MeetOMatic

MeetOMatic was originally designed by Marc Eisenstadt and Stuart Watt, way back in 1998! Since then, we've been through a number of iterations and launched our most major redesign in December 2014.

Now MeetOMatic is led by a father and son team, based in Milton Keynes (home of roundabouts and concrete cows), England. We continue to evolve the wording and style of the site, and of course MeetOMatic itself, while stubbornly ignoring requests for 'more features' in the aim of continuing to provide the simplest meeting scheduler out there.

Leo has a background in accounting and startups, and spends his spare time snowboarding, reading or doing some other typical 'startup' guy stuff.

Marc has a background in artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction. If he's not sailing, then he can be found playing the Mandolin at local open-mic nights!

We'd love to hear from you if have any user interface suggestions, or feel that we aren't the simplest meeting scheduler! Contact us.