About Meet-O-Matic

Meet-O-Matic was originally designed by Marc Eisenstadt and Stuart Watt, way back in 1998! That sounds like a century in online-years. Think of it - Amazon was founded 5 years before that, ebay was three years old and Google was born the same year.

VHS was all the rage, kids were playing with Furbies and grown ups had a Nokia 6210 attached to their belt as they wouldn't quite fit in a pocket. Facebook didn't yet exist, Google was still in its "Don't Be Evil" phase, and the iPhone wasn't even a glint in Steve Jobs's eye.

Today, in 2024, Meet-O-Matic is led by Stuart Watt and Chris McKillop, co-founders of Turalt, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They are busily working away to bring some exciting new changes and improvements to Meet-O-Matic, while preserving the spirit and respect for privacy maintained since 1998. We'd love to hear from you if have any user interface suggestions, or feel that we aren't the simplest meeting scheduler! Contact us.

We will always keep Meet-O-Matic as simple as it was back then throughout all these years and that's why we are still around, more than 20 years later. Our focus has not changed - do one thing and do it well. A simple web form that works on almost any internet connected device, allowing for widest reach while assuming lowest common denominator so everyone can have a say.