Frequently asked questions

1. How do I use Meet-O-Matic?

For more details, see our blog page "Help Articles and Videos"

2. How do I register and/or pay for the service?

The free Meet-O-Matic service (for selecting dates) is always available at This service does not require any registration, and there is no charge. You can simply use it to set up and arrange meetings. There is no catch, i.e. it does exactly what it says; feel free to try it and to use it for arranging meetings. No registration is needed, because we have found that registration is an annoying distraction that prevents services from being simple.

There is a premium version available with extra features: By signing up for the Pro service you'll be able to take advantage of our great features. Subscription is available for less than $20 a year, and can be paid through either a credit card or PayPal (PayPal membership is NOT required). We offer a 30-day 'cooling off' period during which we will offer a full refund, should you not find the service to meet your requirements. All payments are managed through Braintree Payments or Paypal, using our PCI-compliant payments system.

Click here to sign up.

If you are interested in a 'private label' version for your own company, which has extra capabilities such as custom-domain, more unique branding, administrative users and more, please contact us.

3. Can I edit/add/delete/change either responses or dates and times of an existing meeting?

We hope to have such capabilities soon, but right now you can deploy the following workarounds:

4. Can I schedule by hourly slots or 'evening' instead of just AM/PM or whole days?

You can click on the clock icon or AM/PM button on the right of the calendars for more detailed scheduling (right down to 15-minute intervals, in fact). Please note, this is a Pro feature, so you will need to sign up to have this capability. Don't forget that for many events, such as 'get-together evening dinner' or 'the 8PM book group', the time can be assumed in advance (or specified in your email invitation to participants), and thus only the date needs to be selected!

5. How do I cancel a meeting?

No 'cancelling' is necessary: the 12-digit code for the meeting responses table (responses.php...) is only known to you, i.e. we don't even see this at 'Meet-O-Matic central'. Once you've decided about the meeting, that's all there is to it. If you've changed your mind, you can just ignore the previous meeting pages and set up a fresh one.

6. Is my information kept private?

Yes it is. Meet-O-Matic is the owner of the generic, anonymized and statistical information collected on this site (in the case of private-label versions, the private-label is the owner of the meeting-specific information). Meet-O-Matic will not will not sell, share, rent, or give away this information to others in any way. For more information, see our privacy statement.

7. Are my meetings secure?

The meeting web address link associated with every meeting includes a 6-character random string which is unique to that meeting, and known only to the people whom you choose to invite. The meeting 'proposer' has an additional hidden link which includes a 12-character random string for accessing the results of everyone's responses. You have additional options, if you are worried that the emails to your participants or their responses may be 'intercepted' en route:

8. Can I synchronize with my personal information manager or other electronic diary (including Web-based calendars)?

This is currently under investigation, but the overwhelming evidence from our empirical studies is that people prefer to 'do their own thing' rather than leave auto-synchronization in the hands of a software tool. Auto-synchronization and constraint checking is a nice idea on paper, but does not accord with psychological reality. The fundamental problem is that a software tool can never know that I would abandon very-very-important-meeting-X in favour of just-announced-and-even-more-very-very-very-important-meeting-Y, no matter how many levels of flags and options I include in my calendaring software. That is a personal decision, and is the key intuition that makes Meet-O-Matic so simple to use. Meet-O-Matic leaves the date choices personal, and puts its effort into a nice display of the people-vs-dates constraint table (and helps you manage that).

9. Can I run my own Meet-O-Matic server?

Not directly, but if you are interested in a 'private label' version for your own company, or a capability such as '' please contact us and we can set it up for you.

10. Can you explain the specific features in more detail?

Highlight best solutions for VIPs
If you have someone who absolutely has to be in that meeting, then this feature allows you to choose the best dates that your "VIP" can make. You can also select multiple VIPs.
My Meetings page
This allows you to view and keep track of all the meetings that you are currently scheduling.
Appointment mode
This feature allows respondents ('invitees') to choose only ONE date or time slot; once such a slot is chosen, that chosen slot is then disabled for other respondents, thus preventing double-bookings. This isperfect for scheduling interviews, doctor's appointments, driving lessons etc...
Automatic time-zone management
Attendees will be shown the meeting time in their local time zone, so there's no hassle with converting times for those multi-time-zone conference calls!
Exporting responses to Excel, CSV and ICS
Arranging a meeting with lots of participants (e..g. a webinar or corporate conference call)? You can export their responses to a CSV or Excel file to help you sort them in your preferred format, or even in ICS (for appointment mode) to import the responses into your own calendar!
Custom Branding
Want your meeting invitees see a page branded with your company logo rather than ours? No problem! You can now upload your logo to your profile, so it will be displayed on your meeting pages.
Detailed time slots
This feature allows you to schedule meetings for a specific time, down to 15 minute intervals. You can change your default times in your user settings to enable you to schedule regular meetings more quickly

11. Further questions?

Please contact us and we'll be happy to help you schedule your meetings quicker than ever before!