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Meet-O-Matic fields described

The fields on the invitee response page have the following significance:

'Name': This is the only way to ensure that the person who set up your meeting can correlate each responder with specific date/time choices at a glance in the custom response table that we provide.

'Email': Meet-O-Matic needs this in order to email you with a custom Web address which is the only way to update your selection in case you change your mind. When filling this in, please bear in mind that the person who set up your meeting will see this address in the custom response table, so may use that for convience to contact you about changes to the meeting. (Note: we hate spam, and we can personally guarantee that your email addresses will never be used anywhere else by Meetomatic: it is our firm policy never to distribute email addresses for any purpose whatsoever. See our privacy statement)

'Comment': We provide an optional brief (one-line) comment field for you to communicate extra pertinent information to the person who set up your meeting.